Saturday, September 25, 2004

Inaugural Posts

So everyone has been bitching and moaning about how I don't have a flippin blog. ya go then. I seem to offend people with my incessant moaning about things...I'll spend hours on end ranting on the phone with various people but somehow reading it on a blog makes it different. Oh well, that's life.

Some things about me...I work in a copy shop in a retail chain which will remain unnamed. If you choose to guess it, whoopedy freakin doo, yo. It's not that big of deal...I just don't want to get fired or sued by the corporant giants when they find this on Google or something. Those of you daily readers who know me and know where I work will, I am sure, keep this a secret.

I live in one of those weird backwards towns that is some kind of freaky dichtomy between a real life city and some kind of hick retro stop-on-the-railroad kind of places. If you have ever been to the Panhandle in Florida and driven across I-10, I am sure you know what I mean. Most people's conceived notions of our great state think that this is some kind of vacationers' paradise, like the whole state is like Orlando (when in reality bits of Orlando don't really even feel like their neighbors in the Reedy Creek Development Area) or South Beach or Miami or some shit. Think Lower Alabama here folks. You would think that being the capital of the state would give us a little bit of class or something...but evidently they missed that short bus.

I consider myself some kind of geeky too. I've got my own personal network empire that I administer over, like some kind of benevolent binary god, but theres a total of two users on it. That's a whole lotta horsepower when you consider that there is two Athlon XP boxes running XP Pro, another Athlon box running Server 2003, a laptop running XP Pro, and an iMac thrown in just for good measure.

Being such an ubergeek makes me feel like a mental giant (nods to sj) among peons when dealing with technology. If you're too stupid to turn on a computer, don't do so, DUMBASS! I don't understand how people can really think that their ME boxes are hot shit or something, like the 600 bux they spent on their eMachine was a great long term investment. Need power? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE POWER!!

Did I break into hyper cynicistic mode yet?'s coming...I promise.


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