Monday, August 15, 2005

Top 10 Music - Tagback to Raven

Raven posted on her blog the top 10 list of things she's been listening to recently. Last friday I accidentally came across a mashup site. Before this I hadn't really been interested, most of the time they were being done by some moron that wanted to combine like Christina Aguilera with the Macarena or something. Pure crap.

Anyway, ran across this site and was listening to a few of them...there are three or four that aren't bad, but the best one there was Callin' it back. It's a mashup if AC/DC's Back in Black and Lyrics Born. Now, AC/DC I'm not big of a fan of. Back in Black is one of those iconic songs that just about everyone knows. Lyrics Born I've heard before, never really got interested in....together though it's a pretty kickass song. The Lyrics Born lyrics (no pun intended) meshes really well with the guitar riffs and the beat from AC/DC. Give it a listen.

So here's my Top 10 for this week (or past few weeks):

1. Callin' it back - AC/DC vs. Lyrics Born by Bangers 'n Mash
2. Flaming June (BT vs PvD remix) - BT (from Vorsprung Dyk Technik)
3. Beautiful (Places) - Paul van Dyk (from Seven Ways)
4. Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode (as remixed by Sasha and Digweed) No link, sorry.
5. While the Earth Sleeps - Deep Forest w/ Peter Gabriel (Strange Days Remix)
6. Hybrid - If I Survive (from Wide Angle)
7. I'm Not Driving Anymore (Instrumental) - Rob Dougan (from Furious Angels)
8. Snake (Dave Seaman Mix) - Opal (from Global Underground) No clip, sorry.
9. Winter Love - Taucher (from Live at Webster Hall)
10. Nothing but You (Cirrus Mix) - Paul van Dyk w/ Hemstock & Jennings (from Nothing but You)


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