Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pimp rides and such

For those of you interested in the whole new car saga (if you missed it, see this post) my pal JW finally made up his mind. A brand new '05 Honda Civic LX Special Edition.

And dude, if you are reading, I'm seriously hurt you didn't take my suggestions. (Just kidding!)

I talked to him the day after he bought his new car and said that in a way I'd called it exactly what he was going to get.

I remember a few years ago when he talked about getting a new car " of these days," this was during the time when he was driving a borrowed Nissan Altima or something like that. At the time I'd kind of thought he'd be a Civic kinda guy, something nice but simple. I have to admit my worst fears (that it'd be a riced-out ride, or be *just* like every other Civic out there,) really didn't come to pass, it's a special edition or some such thing so it's got wheels that you don't see everyday, a pretty snazzy looking spoiler, and in the oh-so-anti-Florida jet black.

For pics of the new ride, and the aforementioned hoopty pickup, click on over to Pics.On-This.


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