Sunday, October 16, 2005

Grippy PSP

Just a quick post to illustrate the Grippy mod on my PSP:

Grippy PSP

It's a quick application of eGrips (the little squares from the 'Universal Set'.) We bought an extra sheet (in black) for a friend with a Nextel phone, and the parts he didnt use ended up in my junk drawer for about a year. Both Raven and I have SE T616's with the aluminum backs, so black wasn't really usable, and it was a particularly easy fix to having slippery fingers on the back of the PSP.

If you've never seen the eGrips material, it's kind of a thin rubbery cutout with adhesive on the back, they can be colored by a piece of plastic behind the rubber. If you've seen those rubber squares you put on your dash in your car, this is the same type of thing just much thinner. I used a silver square on the back of my Zen so that I can stick it on the dash in the car and it doesnt slide.


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