Monday, October 24, 2005

Mitsu Lancer Evo X Concept

Those of you who are really interested in cars, or rally cars in particular, have probably already seen the Evo X (read Evo 10) concept. Sketches of the styling cues have been around for a couple of months, and 'official' pictures of the car have been online for a few weeks.

Regardless, the Evo X concept was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, which started last week and runs to November 6th. This is the first time that the car was really shown from all angles, and Autoweek has pics from both the show and press pics which show the car on the road, in the grass, etc etc.

So far, Mitsubishi is exciting me with their styling direction, looking at the concept you can tell the things that probably won't make it to production (the rear air diffuser, the clustered LED lights, and the billet-looking interior) and the stuff that probably could (drilled and vented Brembos, the sleek lower-profile wing, and the rather agressive front end.)

I've always been a big fan of sporty 4 doors (whether you call 'em sedans here or saloons overseas,) and I think it's time that a sleek, slick, and agressive car like this hits the streets. I like the low ground effects, the angled-brow headlights, and the sleek and clean interior. I like the overall proportions of this car (and think it would make a horrible coupe,) I like how it doesn't look as boxy as previous versions of this car, and the no-holds barred functional look.

View the photo gallery here, and the accompanying article here.


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