Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Audi's new LeMans racer a diesel

Rather big news out there today. A while back, Audi announced that they'd been developing a successor to their uberracer R8. Today, they unveiled the prototype (although technically because it's in the Prototype class in the LeMans series, it's always called a prototype) of the all new R10. The most impressive thing? It's powered by a 5.5L, twin turbo V12 TDI motor. That's right, it's diesel. According to the page up on Audi.com, the new engine makes "over 650 hp" and 1100 newton-meters of torque (thats just over 811 lb. ft. of torque for those of use who use Imperial units.) The new car is familiar looking, but according to Audi, it's a complete redesign, the body is a complete monocoque of carbon fiber. The TDI engine (Turbocharged Direct Injection diesel) is more efficient than the R8's gas engine, it's been rumoured that it consumes 75 percent less fuel.

Those of you who have watched the LeMans in the past few years know what a contender the Audi R8 was, they've been class and overall winners the last several races, as well as racking up first, second, and third place wins a few times as well. Running diesel is an increased challenge, but if anyone can do it, Audi can.

[Via Fourtitude and Audi.com]


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